Leaving the Comfort Zone

 Leaving the Comfort Zone-

Embracing innovation in church planning and funding.

Act Today to Create a Thriving Church for Tomorrow

Helping a church maintain and grow its ministry involves more than just great Sunday sermons. It takes a willingness to innovate and embrace change — not for change’s sake, but when it’s necessary to survive and thrive.

Our whitepaper, Leaving the Comfort Zone: Embracing Innovation in Church Planning and Funding, will help you consider what you need to do differently at your church — and how to do it. The paper discusses four steps to create and support a thriving ministry:

  • Breaking Habits. A look at church traditions shows how they’ve changed over time — including how churches are funded
  • Improving the Giving Experience. Offering electronic giving makes it easier for members to act
  • Integrating Software. Working together, church management and electronic giving software can ease administrative burdens
  • Using Data Analytics. An integrated system contains a wealth of insights within its data

To get started, download the whitepaper today!

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