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Vanco Payment Solutions conducted an online survey of 1,002 U.S. Christian churchgoers in August 2015. As one of the largest, most comprehensive studies of its kind, the survey focused on the attitudes, preferences and behaviors of churchgoers toward giving. 


A study of U.S. churchgoers and their attitudes, preferences and behaviors toward giving

Early findings show that churchgoers have significant preferences toward electronic giving options:

  1. 60 percent of overall churchgoers prefer giving electronically, and it’s not just millennials. The study found that preferences toward e-Giving were strong across all age groups.
  2. There is a sizable “giving gap” between how givers prefer to give and by what options churches offer them to give. Two to four times as many churchgoers would give electronically if they could.
  3. Members who are most engaged in church activities are the ones who want e-Giving the most.
But that’s not all that we discovered. The full report is still in development. By downloading the Early Findings Report, you will get a glimpse of the behaviors and preferences of U.S. churchgoers. You will also be notified as new insights become available on their attitudes and motivations toward giving.