I’m ready to provide e-Giving to my church members

If it’s that simple, why do only about a third of churches offer e-Giving? Maybe it’s because they don’t know what more than 20,000 Vanco customers already know:


Many churchgoers no longer carry a checkbook or much cash with them. A recent study by Bankrate.com reported that most Americans usually have less than $50 with them, and 40% have less than $20. e-Giving with a debit or credit card, text message or app allows them to respond more often and more generously.

“People really like that they can make their offering from their seat by taking out their smartphones.”

— Carla Visscher, Administrative Assistant, His Tabernacle Family Church


Many already pay bills electronically, and would prefer to give the same way. We surveyed 1,000 churchgoers and 60% of them told us they’d use e-Giving if their churches offered it.

“During a weekly group meeting, one of our members always gives online. If he didn’t have this option, he may not have become such a reliable giver.”

— Jeff Piehl,Constance Evangelical Free Church


Adding e-Giving is easy – for your church and your members. Vanco’s helpful giving experts are with you every step of the way, from implementation to launch and beyond. They’ll help your church select the right combination of services to grow e-Giving across your congregation.

“I’ve never called Vanco and had a machine answer. You get a helpful, friendly person every time.”

—Stephanie Nolet, Pastoral Associate for Administration, St. Mary’s Crescent Catholic Church


Give+ works with your ChMS. Processing, tracking and reporting of contributions is simplified with seamless software integration.

“I’m a big fan of integration.I can come in and process hard contributions first, then do the Vanco import and everything comes in one seamless report.”

—Mark Lieske, Executive Deacon and Chief Financial Officer, Living Stones Church

Vanco is the largest e-Giving provider with a complete suite of solutions designed especially for churches. We understand the giving needs of our loyal, long-time family of customers and have supported them through every step of building strong e-Giving programs for nearly 20 years.

But don’t take our word for it:

“I can with confidence tell our members that online giving with Vanco is safe and smart. It saves the church time and money, and saves them time and money.”

— Sara Martin, Church AdministratorLexington Park UMC, Lexington Park, MD

“I looked around at the landscape about how it’s done and decided Vanco was the way to go.”

— George Wasson, Senior pastor and founder, Faithpoint United Methodist Church

Our affordable plans come with everything you need to explore  what your church can do with 30% more.

Let’s get started!

I’m ready to provide e-Giving to my church members