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Since 2002, Vanco Payment Solutions has been a sponsor of the GCFA, helping it in its ministry to churches and others within The United Methodist Church connection. We provide more than 20,000 churches and nonprofit organizations nationwide with reliable, convenient electronic giving and payment services.      

Put e-Giving to Work in Your Church Community

Because they’re accustomed to paying for purchases electronically, your congregation also wants to make donations and pay for church programs with the same convenient methods.

Offer them options that let them choose the method they prefer – with credit and debit cards, at a kiosk or with a text message – to give at services as well as pay for school tuition, sports programs and special events. You’ll get the added benefit of being able to receive donations and payments for a variety of funds  and programs from anywhere within your church community.

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Give by Text

Give by Text is a powerful choice for churches that want to add a mobile giving solution to their stewardship mix.
It's fast. Your congregation can give through text message in less time than it takes to write a check.

It's easy. After filling out an online registration form, your members can give anytime, anywhere they want.

It's smart. Fewer of your members carry cash and checks, and more carry smartphones. Text offers them a convenient way to give.


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